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Ahh-Some Water Clarifier & Bio-Cleaner


Imagine if you could take a medicine that literally swept away the bad cholesterol and plaque in your arteries. Imagine also, an additive for your gasoline or diesel fuel that boosted your mileage by let’s say 30% or more! All things considered, if these alternatives were safe and affordable, you would no-doubt begin using them. Imagine an environmentally friendly, easy to use gel, that you simply add to your pool once per month that would combat biofilm and build-up to maintain perfect clarity while using less chlorine and other chemicals. Imagine the pH and total alkalinity staying in a perfect range all season long. Imagine the water not only looking the best ever, but feeling so soft, silky, and smooth to the skin. Imagine the entire team of pool equipment and accessories lasting much longer because of the “friendlier” water environment they are subjected to. This is now possible when you begin using our Ahh-Some Water Clarifier & Bio-Cleaner. We guarantee it!

Ahh-Some ABC 30There is science behind this chemical that clinically shows superiority to many other products in its category. To our knowledge, there is no other product like this. This is a very concentrated gel that works quickly and efficiently at doing many beneficial jobs in the maintenance area. We guarantee without a doubt that users will experience the clearest and healthiest water they have ever seen or swam in. Users can reduce the amount of chlorine or sanitizer they presently use as the Ahh-Some synergizes with their present chemical program to make it more efficient. Great for salt water systems too. You can turn your salt system production down so the electrolytic cell will last longer. Calcification and other scaling on the cell plates will be reduced as the Ahh-Some will keep them cleaner.

Initially, after the addition of the Ahh-Some gel, we recommend that you “shock” the pool since the Ahh-Some is going to purge colonized gunk from the pool plumbing placing a demand on the Free Available Chlorine. After a few days this will normalize and you will notice a sheen to the algae free water that is very inviting. Add the Ahh-Some gel into the pool directly or into the skimmer. Your filter(s) will operate more efficiently since deep rooted bio-contamination will be purged. Add the Ahh-Some every 28-30 days for best results.

kids-swimmingIn the early 90’s, an inquisitive water treatment chemist began tinkering with the idea of developing a product that would reduce the need for chemicals in pool water, especially chlorine, without sacrificing water clarity and protection from water borne organisms. His vast knowledge of municipal water treatment operations allowed him to develop Ahh-Some Water Clarifier & Bio-Cleaner.

He realized that pool water can also become laden with chemicals that would make it sick. Just like our own physical health, water can be healthy or unhealthy. What we feed it, and the dosage amounts, does matter, just like our own personal diet. He realized how nasty chlorine and other sanitizers can be when used or handled improperly. So, he applied his many years of study and experience to seek out an alternative product. The result is our Ahh-Some Water Clarifier & Bio-Cleaner gel formula.

Ahh-Some Water Clarifier & Bio-Cleaner is applied to the water at a rate of 1 ounce per 2500-3300 gallons monthly. The gel is added directly into the skimmer or pool, it doesn’t matter, just get it in the water. It will dissolve in minutes. It begins working almost immediately. Initially, Ahh-Some Water Clarifier & Bio-Cleaner will clean surfaces of dirt, scale, carbonates, algae stains,rust, oils, and any other particulates that builds on the pool liner, aggregate, or tile surface. The gel actually “lifts” off the build-up and complexes it with the water itself. Another ingredient in the gel is a clarifier that helps the filter grab all the junk that was removed by the cleaner’s di-methyl compounds and put into solution. The filter will respond by gaining efficiencies in removal and filtration of particulates at lower micron levels. Water will get clearer. Plus, the need for vast amounts of chlorine and or other sanitizer is decreased since the Ahh-Some Water Clarifier & Bio-Cleaner lifts the built-up particulates that the chlorine usually uses itself up on trying to “eat away” at. Ahh-Some Water Clarifier & Bio-Cleaner also complexes or mixes into solution high “TDS” levels in the water that promotes cloudy milky conditions. The result! While the initial treatment may create a temporary increased sanitizer demand as the materials are purged from the plumbing and equipment, you will probably see a decreased demand moving forward. You may even be able to reduce filter cycle times. The only caveat to this filter run time is the weather and the bathing load. Hot humid and rainy weather requires more filter run time. Higher bathing loads also requires a little longer run time. Shocking or super chlorinating the pool can be decreased as well. Bottom line is this! You can save money on electricity, save money on chemicals, have cleaner, clearer, healthier, softer, less aggressive water all the time. Like we say! It’s not Magic, it’s Science!

Here are a few other benefits of using Ahh-Some Water Bio-Cleaner & Clarifier:

  • Filter and plumbing lines stay “whistle clean”.
  • Salt generator cells last longer (you can decrease the production level with Ahh-Some Water Clarifier & Bio-Cleaner).
  • Less red eye and green hair syndrome.
  • Liners will last longer and remain supple (not dry out as fast).
  • Aggregate surfaces will be smoother with less calcium barnacles.
  • Heater, heat pump and solar systems will last longer due to lower sanitizer levels.
  • Pool cleaners have less particulates to capture lowering turbidity levels.

Why have I never heard of Biofilm before?

ad_awfulThis is the significant question. The whole idea of contaminants hiding together for sustenance and protection is very new. So new, in fact, there is a race between microbiologists all over the world to find the proper way to address it. They have been able to determine that many traditional methods that work well in managing and controlling planktonic cells that do not work against cells in a biofilm. But, they have not discovered methods that absolutely provide the same type of performance in managing and controlling biofilms.

“…the opportunity to rethink our strategies for dealing with biofilm problems and solutions that in the past were overlooked or not handled correctly, because no one recognized that biofilms were involved…” (Center for Biofilm Engineering)

ad_ahhSomeThe only course currently agreed upon is, if possible, removing all buildups, regardless of their makeup, can be effective. After removal, draining is preferred (Ahh-Some treatment step, excluding pools). If draining is not feasible, then the next best solution is removing the buildup while assuring there is sufficient sanitizer available (Ahh-Some treatment step for pools).

In the recreational and hospitality industries there are many very qualified professionals who simply are not aware of these new challenges. If your supplier indicates a lack of knowledge about the importance of treating biofilm and other buildups, or, they are aware, but looking for better solutions, ask them to contact: Jerry Parker.