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Ahh-Some Hot Tub/Jetted Bath Plumbing & Jet Cleaner

Soaking in a hot tub or jetted bath is one of the most enjoyable things you can experience. Maintaining a hot tub or jetted bath is dramatically different than maintaining a pool. Hot tubs and jetted baths are more difficult to maintain in many respects even though the amount of water as compared to a pool, is small.

Spa Soup: Why We Dump Spa Water – AQUA Magazine

YES, Ahh-Some is Septic System Safe!!

Here’s why! Hot tub or jetted baths typically have water temperatures that are between 98 and 104 degrees. In high temperature environments, coupled with high organic waste deposits, sanitizers and pH for hot tubs or jetted baths must be controlled in tighter parameters. We are busy people. We don’t want to spend inordinate amounts of time checking levels and making chemical adjustments. The tendency is to over or under sanitize and never check the pH. This creates many problematic situations, namely, odors, water clarity and skin irritation.

In a small gallon vessel there are advantages to using less sanitizer, especially, if it is located inside a home. Ahh-Some Hot Tub/Jetted Bath Plumbing & Jet Cleaner was developed especially for “hot water” environments.

Essentially, surface grit, oils and other hard to remove substances are broken down by the gel and combined with the water after the initial “purge”. This initial “purge” is a one-time requirement to get rid of the previous build-up on the shell and in the plumbing infrastructure that has accumulated over the years. Even brand new Hot Tubs must be purged. You won’t believe all the gunk and manufacturing byproducts that can be eradicated. The clarifier in the gel will allow the filter cartridge(s) to efficiently entrap these substances. Ahh-Some Hot Tub/Jetted Bath Plumbing & Jet Cleaner can be used with Di-Chlor, Ozone, Bromine, Chlorine, Nature2, Frog, Bacquaspa, Ionization or any other sanitizer. The key thing is that you will need drastically less product or “run time” to keep the water looking, feeling and smelling great. Follow the written instructions as written on the container or included in this website, and you will see drastic changes in the water quality after only a few days.

Here are a few other benefits of using Ahh-Some Hot Tub/Jetted Bath Plumbing & Jet Cleaner:

  • Enjoy clearer water
  • Water will look and smell fresh
  • You can use much less sanitizer
  • Water will feel soft and silky
  • Heater element(s) will stay cleaner w/o calcium build-up
  • Operate pump(s) less per day, week or month
  • Save money and maintenance time

Why have I never heard of Biofilm before?

This is the significant question. The whole idea of contaminants hiding together for sustenance and protection is very new. So new, in fact, there is a race between microbiologists all over the world to find the proper way to address it. They have been able to determine that many traditional methods that work well in managing and controlling planktonic cells that do not work against cells in a biofilm. But, they have not discovered methods that absolutely provide the same type of performance in managing and controlling biofilms.

“…the opportunity to rethink our strategies for dealing with biofilm problems and solutions that in the past were overlooked or not handled correctly, because no one recognized that biofilms were involved…” (Center for Biofilm Engineering)

The only course currently agreed upon is, if possible, removing all buildups, regardless of their makeup, can be effective. After removal, draining is preferred (Ahh-Some treatment step, excluding pools). If draining is not feasible, then the next best solution is removing the buildup while assuring there is sufficient sanitizer available (Ahh-Some treatment step for pools).

Microbiologist Dr. Rita B. Moyes (Texas A&M) tested 43 water samples from whirlpool bathtubs — both private and public ones — and found that all 43 had bacterial growth ranging from mild to red-level dangerous. A whopping 95 percent showed the presence of fecal derived bacteria, while 81 percent had fungi and 34 percent contained staphylococcus, which can cause deadly staph infections. “The main reason is the lining of the pipes. The best way to prevent such bacteria from forming is to clean out the pipes,” she adds. “The pipes in a whirlpool bathtub need to be scraped and cleaned just like you need to brush your teeth with toothpaste.”

In the recreational and hospitality industries there are many very qualified professionals who simply are not aware of these new challenges. If your supplier indicates a lack of knowledge about the importance of treating biofilm and other buildups, or, they are aware, but looking for better solutions, ask them to contact: [email protected]


For best results, add the hot tub product to hot or warm water.

Other Uses for the Ahh-Some Cleaner:

Ahh-Some Hot Tub Cleaner is great at removing mold, algae and mildew from any surface. Dilute 5 teaspoons of gel in a 5 gallon bucket or sprayer and clean roof stains, vinyl siding mold, concrete driveways, sidewalks, shower stalls and any hard surface. Ahh-Some is AWESOME!