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    About Us


Meet Unique Solutions, Inc.

Unique Solutions, Inc., the manufacturer of the Ahh-Some brand products, has been a pioneer in treating recreational water issues. Our unique products perform cleaning, scrubbing, clarifying and removal of odors and contaminates caused by Biofilm and other organic substances. Unique Solutions is the manufacturer of the Ahh-Some product line. We are located in Vero Beach, Florida. Our contact number is (860) 896-0836.

Our products have been thoroughly tested for efficacy at America’s leading Biofilm Engineering University. These test results and competitive product assessments are also available on this website.

We are proud of the fact that we have been driving home a very important message about the dangers of biofilm fouling in recreational water products. Truly, our Ahh-Some products are AWESOME.

Unique Solutions, Inc. was founded by Jerry Parker, who is generally credited with being the first retailer on the web to offer pool and hot tub products.

In May of 2007, he sold his company while retaining the rights to continue selling a few products he considered too valuable to just let go. Most importantly, this included the “Ahh-Some” brand of water cleansing products.

Later in 2007, Jerry formed Unique Solutions, Inc. and began to assemble a professional team of affiliates, distributors and retailers for the purpose of marketing his products to the public.

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